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About SAS Spurilla


It’s amazing what can come from Faith, Drive, Courage and the Never-Ending support of Family and Friends. I’d love to name everyone who had a hand in making this Dream a Reality, but the truth is, this little sheet of paper just isn’t big enough!

I’m StacyLynn Ellis, Founder of SAS SPURILLA,LLC. We are so PROUD to have the opportunity to bring USA Made Jewelry directly into your home.

As you get to know SAS SPURILLA LLC, we hope you find 100% satisfaction and inspiration. Within SAS SPURILLA you will find integrity, loyalty, quality and craftsmanship are all wrapped up into beautiful, one of a kind, turquoise, beaded, sterling silver jewelry pieces and one hell of a business opportunity for any woman out there. Our heroes have always been cowgirls and we strive for their excellence in all the things SAS SPURILLA stands for, including a whole lotta SAS!

To our loyal customers and fans, we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. Without you, there is no SAS SPURILLA

To all women out there, we challenge you. We challenge you to find your courage. Find your inner cowgirl and release it. It’s in there, in all of us.